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A Line for Every Extension

 I recently replaced the business phone systems within the company I own to accommodate the requirements of my staff. I wish I could say that it had been to accommodate the requirements of our customers, but sadly, that may not the case. You see, our old telephone system had more extensions than we had lines for. it had been built with the idea that inter-office communications would be utilized quite incoming and outgoing calls. Since my company deals primarily with internet business and doesn't do much within the way of transactions over the phone, the system I put in situ within the late 90's had served us well until very recently. As lately , I even have had vendors who had traditionally reached me by phone sending me e-mails. They were complaining that it's often impossible to urge through to me. I looked into the matter and this is often what I found© Most of my employees were spending an excellent deal of your time talking on the phone. They weren't lecture vendo